Album : The Semipop Evolutionary Diary (2005)
Artist : Demy

Golden Maranello 2:54 
Perfect Long Hair Girl 3:16 
Kidnapping Tomoko 2:47 
You and Me 3:42 
Laputa 4:24 
The Little Drummer 3:16 
My Dear Sundae 4:24 
Fallen 4:02 
You and Me (dream version) 3:42

all tracks reserved and copyrighted by Demy


Eden – Review and Rambles

2012 SXSW Film Festival – Winners Audience Award Best Narrative Feature, Emerging Woman Award.
2012 San Diego Asian Film Festival – Winner Audience Award.
2012 Seattle International Film Festival – Winners Best Actress, Women in Cinema Lena Sharpe Award.

US release date: March 20

A young Korean-American girl who threw herself to be picked up by strangers in public bar abducted by a sex trafficker gang who kidnap foreign girls, incarcerate them in a secret compound in the middle of a desert, clothe them in leather suits, schoolgirl uniforms, and mini-dresses for work, and always clothe them in matching white cotton tank top and panties while they aren’t working. She bit a client’s penis, and a year later, wham-bam, she’s a professional hooker?
It could be a very frightening cautionary tale for young foreign girls if they could just use more of Chong Kim’s real story instead of dwelling rather too deep in the meant to be more dramatic ‘girls in captivity’ and ‘criminals with conscience’ themes.

Eden – Review and Rambles