Short Film Buzz 5 : Burning Hearts

short film buzz (shorfuzz) is a program from @tgxstudio that buzz short film around

this one personally favorite so far among the shorfuzz .

music scoring just fit at their place and that fight scene camera movement just splendid. although, the story itself feels like part of a longer story, not a short movie. the good thing, looks like the director itself already aware about it

Album : The Semipop Evolutionary Diary (2005)
Artist : Demy

Golden Maranello 2:54 
Perfect Long Hair Girl 3:16 
Kidnapping Tomoko 2:47 
You and Me 3:42 
Laputa 4:24 
The Little Drummer 3:16 
My Dear Sundae 4:24 
Fallen 4:02 
You and Me (dream version) 3:42

all tracks reserved and copyrighted by Demy